Корниш-рекс котята: кошки и коты для шоу и для бридинга, и просто для души! Различные окрасы порадуют ваш глаз. Все что душе угодно - в продаже есть у нас!
теплые чехлы и переноски

Стандарт корниш рексов TICA

American Shorthair, British Shorthair, European Shorthair.
Shape: Medium, egg-shaped with a pronounced occiput, accentuating the oval. Longer than wide, but not extremely long.
Eyes: Medium sized, oval in shape. Set an eye's width apart and slanting slightly upward. Color in keeping with coat color.
Ears: Large. Deep conical shape with a modified point. Set high, but not so high as to suggest "donkey" ears. Usually naked on outer surface.
Chin: There should be a straight line from nose to chin, neither receding nor protruding, and in keeping with the rounded egg-shape.
Muzzle Definite break.
Profile: Roman, with a high, prominent bridge. There can be a very slight change of direction, even with the eyes, separating two convex curves or one continuous convex curve
Neck: Slender and medium in length.
Shape: Long, with full and deep rib cage. Trunk follows upward curve of back bone forming a "tuck-up' with rounded hips that are somewhat heavy in proportion to rest of body. Small to medium in size, males proportionately larger.
Boning: Very fine.
Musculature: Hard and muscular.
Tail: Long, slender and tapering slightly from body to end. Covered with fine dense hair with waves preferred, but no penalty for baldness on upper surface of tail. Abnormality of the tail should not be confused with a slight natural curve of the last vertebrae found in some Cornish Rex.
Feet: Small, oval.
Length: Short.
Texture Fine, very soft. Like velvet pile on head and legs.
Color: Recognized in all colors. White lockets or buttons permitted.
Condition: Hard and muscular with no indication of obesity or emaciation. Abdomen tight. Eyes bright and clear. Coat with healthy sheen. An overall appearance of health and vitality.
Balance: The overall physical appearance of the cat should be a distinctive combination of fine bones and firm muscles with each part in proper proportion to the whole animal. The Cornish Rex has a very alert and athletic look.
A Cornish Rex is a curly-coated, fineboned cat that stands high on its legs. It has a distinctive arched back, deep rib cage and "tuck-up" resembling a greyhound. The Cornish Rex has a hard, muscular body that is warm to the touch. The coat quality, texture, waviness, as well as the distinctive body type are of prime importance
White lockets or buttons are permitted.
Lack of a definite muzzle break. Extreme wedgeshaped head. Bareness on large portion of the body, except ears and tail.
Presence of coarse hairs.

Scale of Points  
HEAD 25 Points
Size and shape 5
Muzzle and Nose 5
Eyes 5
Ears 5
Profile 5
BODY 30 Points
Size 3
Torso 10
Legs and Paws 5
Tail 5
Bone 5
Neck 2
COAT 40 Points
Texture 10
Length 5
Wave, extent of wave 20
Close lying 5
COLOR 5 Points

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